Our Team

The Zillennial was formed when three marketing students at Queen’s University realized that they had no clue what generation they belonged to, or how to even #adult. Meet the three Zillennials behind all the magic! 

Paige Day

Paige is your basic Zillennial who complains about never having money, yet spends it all, while stressing about work that she could have done weeks ago. You can find her binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, stress baking, or taking an unhealthy amount of naps. She loves to try new restaurants and will never say no to impulsive plans.

Olivia Nicholson

Olivia is an avid creative, and the most optimistic person you will meet! She loves thinking of new ideas, writing music for/playing piano, and volunteering in her spare time. Olivia’s other hobbies include facetiming her sassy dog, spending too much money on online shopping, and listening to Christmas music when it is nowhere NEAR Christmastime. 

Aidan Tammaro

Aidan is the fun-loving lifestyle expert at The Zillennial. When Aidan is not busy being over-involved with one of his extracurriculars, you can probably find him living his best life watching House Hunters, or yelling at his iPad while he binge watches Jeopardy on Netflix. Aidan is an avid traveller who loves to always be planning his next trip! 

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