Yes, You ARE a Hoarder: How to De-clutter Your Space

Your room needs some SERIOUS TLC sweetie. But don't worry, we're here to help you sort through your mess!

Admit it: as a kid, you were needy AF. No matter what toys or books your parents bought you, you always wanted the next best thing. You would easily toss aside your perfectly good Barbie Dream House as soon as something better came along, (aka Barbie Fairy Princess Palace). For some reason though, you never seemed to get rid of anything, even if it was older and “boring”. The more things you had, the better.

But let’s face it; now that you’re in your twenties, nobody wants to see that mound of stuffed animals in the corner of your room, or the stack of books which you’ll probably never open again. Moving home after living away at school was an eye-opener for me – why did I have so much stuff in my room, considering I was rarely there? Think you’re immune to hoarding tendencies? Check under your bed – I bet you’ll be surprised at the sh*t you’ll find there!

Being a Zillennial is stressful and the world seems to move a million miles an hour, so coming home to a chaotic, junk filled space is not ideal. The first step to resolving your issue is accepting the fact that yes, you are a hoarder. Then, by following our advice on tackling specific spaces,  you’ll be on track to de-cluttering your space in no time!

1. Closets are NOT where dreams go to die!

The first place to start might be the most frightening. I mean there’s no such thing as too many clothes is there? As much as you’d like to think you’ll fit into those two-sizes-too-small jeans, by the time you do (if you do)’ll probably just want to get new ones anyways. If you haven’t worn it within the last year, pass it on to a better home!

2. It’s time to recycle your old notes


Is anyone else’s desk constantly covered with paper? Boxes filled with old class notes? Let’s be real – if you ever have an accounting question or forget how to say something in French, you’re going to Google it, not dig through your grade 12 notes. Throw them out and only keep hard copies of things you really need!

3. So long company-branded swag!

There’s something about free stuff that fires everyone up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pen, fridge magnet, or pack of sticky notes, we’re all guilty of stocking up on the swag. Next time you’re at an event, it’s okay to say no to the free swag because how many pairs of cheap sunglasses, tacky lanyards and pens does one person really need? Sort through your “junk drawer” and get rid of those tacky branded items taking up space!

4. Keep your sanity, sort the vanity

One of my worst habits is starting new products before finishing the old ones. How many bottles of lotion is too many? Cosmetics are one of the easiest things to hoard and hardest to part ways with! If anything is more than two years old…chuck it and limit yourself from buying new ones until you finish up the old!

5. You probably don’t need to keep your old iPod

There’s a famous phrase about “saving for a rainy day” – this may be true when it comes to your money, but it doesn’t have to be true for everything. What if your phone breaks – shouldn’t you keep a backup? It’s likely going to happen to you at some point, but are you really going to pull out your old LG rumor? Of course not – you’ll rush to the Apple store and buy the latest iPhone. Donate your old technology to a good cause and feel good about de-cluttering!

We hope these tips will help you clear the clutter from your life (or at least your bedroom). Woohoo! Now you are one step closer to not being on TLC’S next episode of Hoarders!


Paige & the Zillennials

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